Meet Yasmina and discover how LIXIL has unlocked her progress and potential

    Meet Yasmina and discover how LIXIL has unlocked her progress and potential サムネイル画像

    Yasmina Elkhomsi
    Project Business Manager

    Starting at the beginning, what made you choose to join LIXIL?

    I arrived in France back in 2017 for my studies. After completing my master's degree, I embarked on my journey to find a suitable job. I received several job offers, but the one from LIXIL, which was then known as GROHE, stood out.  I had my initial interview with the HR team and what struck me was how the team was more interested in getting to know me as a person – they were curious about my personality, my sociability, and other personal traits, rather than focusing solely on my limited work experience, given my recent graduation. This was quite refreshing. 

    During the interview, I had the opportunity to express myself freely. I was honest about who I am. The conversation was comfortable and flowed naturally. Before I knew it, I was offered a position and I joined LIXIL in June 2019 as part of the project team. The team has been working together for several years and there was a strong bond. However, there was a warm and welcoming atmosphere, not only within my team but throughout LIXIL. This really made all the difference. I didn't find it challenging to find my place and integrate smoothly.

    Looking back, those were my initial days at LIXIL. I was at the start of my career at the time, and I was unsure about my career direction, but I had a strong feeling that I was in the right place. I've always believed that your profession should resonate with your personality. Personally, I'm naturally inquisitive and genuinely interested in others and LIXIL felt like a natural fit because I genuinely enjoy interacting with people.

    Can you tell me more about your career journey in LIXIL?

    Upon joining the project team in France in 2019, I was part of the department responsible for overseeing construction and renovation projects of all types of buildings. These include hotels, residential complexes, or commercial spaces. Essentially, we handle large-scale interior projects, and our clientele consists of architects and planners, developers and installers. 

    I worked closely with the field team and the primary role of the department is to ensure that every construction or renovation project incorporates GROHE products. This entailed a challenging yet rewarding task of being able to convince architects, planners and decision-makers of the value of GROHE products and why they should select GROHE.

    Three years later,  I assumed the role of a team leader. The team I inherited have been together for over five years.  Naturally, I had concerns about how I would be able to lead the team and gain their respect. However, the team cared about each other's success. They were genuinely for your achievement. I can safely say that it’s a team that functions exceptionally well due to transparency and mutual support among its members. Kudos to a culture that encourages teamwork, collaboration and embraces a flexible, inclusive culture. 

    What is the team dynamic like? What made you feel  supported?

    Yasmina 3At LIXIL, we have unique camaraderie. You know how people often say things like, "We're like a big family here at my company," and normally, you don't really consider your colleagues as family in your everyday life. But at LIXIL it's different. We're more like friends and building strong, positive relationships is important to us.

    Most of the time,  we have this wonderful blend of friendship and collegiality. When Monday comes around, I'm not dreading it. I'm excited. And I'm not trying to paint an overly rosy picture here; it's just how LIXIL has been for me.

    This connection we have is vital for our team's success. We share everything, even when things aren't going well. We have this culture of transparency, where we can speak our minds honestly while always showing respect for one another.

    Our team's dynamics are influenced by the three core behaviors of LIXIL: "Do the right thing", which means addressing issues respectfully when you disagree; "Work with respect", allowing open communication with respect as a foundation; and "Experiment and learn", to take the leap and counter challenges with agility and adaptability.  And this is what makes the team successful despite our differences. 

    Can you describe a time when you felt motivated or inspired at LIXIL?

    Yasmina 1What's unique about LIXIL is we refer to managers as "leaders". This distinction is significant. A manager typically tells you what to do and how to do it, whereas a leader is someone who guides you not only as an employee but as an individual.

    When I first joined LIXIL, it felt like a continuation of my studies. I was still learning every day. Even now, I continue to learn. My current leader, who has been with me for years, had a pivotal conversation with me about my potential. He asked, "What do you want to achieve in your professional career?" He recognized that I had the capacity to go further and encouraged me to define my direction. This conversation ultimately led to my current position.

    So, it's clear that working at LIXIL requires a genuine affinity for people, including clients and colleagues. What's fantastic about the LIXIL environment is that there are people around you who are dedicated to guiding and nurturing your skills, regardless of your role.

    There are a range of programs designed to help employees grow and develop, such as the talent program. This means LIXIL’s leadership team values and believes in our people. This is a powerful motivator. People often change jobs today, but things like the talent program assures us that LIXIL is a place for us for the long run.

    Could you share more about how you have built your leadership skills? 

    The talent program was truly an amazing experience. This six-month program is about cultivating the next generation of leaders in LIXIL. Becoming a great leader starts with being the best version of yourself. You can't inspire and lead others effectively if you don't understand yourself first – and this is what the program is meant for. It really helped us deeply understand ourselves and how we react in various situations. We learned how to inspire others, how to challenge ourselves, and how to make the right decisions in any situation. 

    The program was a mix of theory, projects and hands-on sessions. We had workshops where we learned about agile methods and different leadership styles. We worked hard, had homework, discussions, and even role-playing exercises. It was a comprehensive experience that taught us how to give our best. 

    Being selected for this program was an honor. It meant that LIXIL saw great potential in us and wanted to invest in our growth. Plus, the connections we made during the program have been invaluable. We can reach out to each other for advice and support. This provides a strong network for us within LIXIL.

    Can you tell me more about your leadership style?

    Yasmina 2I think many of us often have a preconceived notion of what it means to be a leader. We tend to emulate what we've seen in other leaders, thinking that's the path to follow. We mimic their actions and reactions, assuming it's the right way to lead.

    Before the program, I frequently sought guidance from my superiors when faced with challenging situations. They would respond based on their experiences and what they would do in my shoes. While their insights were valuable, because we have different personalities, perspectives, and beliefs, I had to make sure I could adjust the advice and ensure it is the best fit for me. .

    After the training, I felt like I had grown both personally and professionally. I learnt more about leadership. It isn't about conforming to a predefined mold; it's about authenticity. It's about being true to oneself. 

    For me to feel confident and at ease with the decisions I make, I need to trust my instincts because I know myself. I understand the people I work with. There's no one-size-fits-all approach to leadership. Every leader is different, and that's a strength. When you trust yourself and embrace your unique leadership style, things start falling into place.

    Overall, leadership isn't about one's ego; it's about others. A leader's job is to make the team shine. It's about creating strong bonds within the department, being the glue that holds everyone together. Building that sense of belonging and ensuring a fit into the team's vision,  It is the leader's responsibility to protect the team from disruptions that affect the dynamics of the team. It is about being a captain at times and a coach on another occasion. You have to navigate each situation and apply the right approach as the occasion calls . 

    Can you share a key moment you had at LIXIL? 

    Before I took on my current role, I found myself asking questions like, "What am I really striving for? How ambitious am I? How far am I willing to go in my professional journey?" 

    We may not discuss our personal backgrounds and how they shape our professional paths. However, I've come to appreciate how people at LIXIL genuinely care about who you are, not just as a professional but as a person. They understand that your personal experiences can  influence your career aspirations. So, if you're willing to invest in your career, there are opportunities.

    I had a defining moment when my leader candidly and honestly told me, "You seem lost. It’s  a shame because you have potential." It was a blunt wake-up call, but it worked for me because he knew me well enough to know that I needed a direct approach to understand where I was faltering. He took time, sat down with me and asked a simple but profound question, "What do you want?" From our chat, it was clear that I needed challenges and I could achieve more. That’s when LIXIL launched a huge global project and I took the leap of faith. This is LIXIL, my leader’s satisfaction was to see me grow. He is truly inspiring. Every person is valued here, every opinion matters. 

    The two-year Salesforce project demanded immense effort, often on top of my regular responsibilities. It was intense, but it was incredibly interesting and rewarding. I woke up every day not knowing if I had all the answers. This opportunity to think out of the box and operate out of my comfort zone really motivated me. I was able to stretch myself, experiment and learn and work on the solutions we needed to succeed. The challenges kept coming. I had to find my voice in meetings, forget about being  cautious with  sharing my opinion with senior colleagues, and I just had to perform. However, LIXIL's culture values every opinion, regardless of hierarchy. It's a place where everyone's voice matters, and that's empowering! I felt really valued and encouraged to bring my best self forward. 

    From this experience, I learnt how my leader’s guidance was instrumental. He helped me understand that LIXIL's leaders are invested in their people's growth. He took a chance on me, and transformed my career. LIXIL is where people are valued, where leaders believe in their teams, and where opportunities await those willing to seize them. LIXIL trusts its people, and makes you want to stay. I'm living proof that this investment pays off.

    What would you say to someone considering a career at LIXIL?

    To me, it is core  to always do what you feel is right in that moment. This principle applies universally, whether in your personal life, your professional endeavors, or any decision-making. Reflecting on my experience with recent projects, opportunities will present and you need to take the leap of faith.

    I feel like I am in a safe place. LIXIL has trusted me. In turn, I have gained confidence and the ability to step out of my comfort zone to go above and beyond my capabilities. I have had valuable discussions with the diverse teams and people at LIXIL. It has greatly influenced who I am today, and contributed to my rewarding career path.

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